• Putting More People Into General Aviation Aircraft




    Making your charter aircraft more profitable.

    more revenue | better utilization | enhanced discovery

    We’ve built a platform to make it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft charter online or with a mobile device.


    We've reimagined the clumsy legacy charter quoting process. We only send you fully vetted and committed trips at pricing you set in advance.


    We'll help you get better utilization of your Part 135 Charter aircraft.


    We make it easier for potential customers to find and book charters in your aircraft.


    FlyOtto makes it easy for more people to do business with you.


    We're looking for the best in the business to get on board.


    FlyOtto is a new network, built on proven team, technology, process, and business model

    OpenAirplane made renting an airplane as easy as renting a car.

    We've been flying since 2013

    We're the team that built OpenAirplane, a platform that enables pilots to rent airplanes across the country. That network launched in 2013 and has grown to over 90 operators, with more than 300 aircraft now available to the over 11,000 pilots who have signed up to fly with us.


    Next, we're applying the technology and business model that we've validated in the rental business, to make your charter business work better.


    Together we can make general aviation more valuable and profitable.

    More revenue.

    better utilization | transparent pricing | no "race to the bottom"

    A better experience means more revenue. We've solved the clumsy "race to the bottom" created by traditional brokers. We believe it is time to be transparent about pricing with operators and travelers. Here's why FlyOtto is different:

    • We won't waste your time. We'll only send you a request after the traveler has agreed to a price.
    • Exclusivity to each trip request when matched by the algorithm.
      (For the first  60 minutes during normal business hours, the trip is yours, and only yours.)
    • Pricing is based on the rates you set.
    • You can confirm or decline requests on any device.
    • No "empty leg" pricing, if the motor is running, you're getting paid.
    • Our algorithm automatically budgets for aircraft repositioning, FBO fees, segment fees, taxes, etc.
    • A tiered 72 hour cancellation policy protects your bottom line.

    More travelers.

    new customers | a nationwide network

    There are 10 million Americans in the market for on-demand air charter services. We're in the business of bringing you new customers.


    Because we're a one stop shop for the entire US, more people will be able to discover and book charter flights with you. Not only have we created a very simple booking experience for travelers, we're dedicated to marketing the experience across the country.


    Let's be clear. We're transparent to you and to your passengers.

    It's FREE to include your aircraft.

    Actually, we'll never ask you to send us money. There's no cost to you.
    There's no risk.

    We keep just 10% of the revenue we enable.

    You'll always choose how much to charge per nautical mile with FlyOtto. We pay the credit card processing fees. Your margins stay intact.

  • How It Works

    Together we can deliver a better experience for everyone.

    Travelers configure the trip they want.

    No more searching all over the web or having to wasting time with a traditional broker.

    This is finally simple. Travelers tell us where they want to be picked up and where they want to go. We serve up several aircraft options which are optimized by our algorithm including range and proximity to their requested origin. Travelers choose the level of service based on the aircraft they request.

    An operator receives the trip request.

    The Prime Operator has 60 minutes during normal business hours to respond, exclusively.

    When there's a match, we'll send you a requested trip (on your desktop or any mobile device) for you to confirm or decline the trip. The request includes all the relevant details of the itinerary AND the price the customer has already agreed to pay - so no haggling.

    Fly the trip.


    Trips are pre-paid upon confirmation. Our graduated 72 hour cancellation policy protects your bottom line.


    The traveler meets the pilot at the departure airport and they fly to the destination. Travel can be booked as one-way, or a roundtrip. Even overnights can be budgeted for, all based on your pricing.


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